Our First "Virtual Cattle Baron's Ball"

How crazy is this. Sure we have done “Online Fundraisers” before and we do them well, but from what I can tell this is our first “Virtual Fundraiser”. The difference? Read below to find out. Our very own Randy Moss sent me this.

On Saturday night June 5 the residents of Second life, a persistent online role-playing game made up of people called Avatars, held a “Virtual” online black tie gala event to benefit the American Cancer Society. This was a a near copy of Party for a Purpose, or a Cattle Barons Ball.

Listed below you will find the string off of the Second Life bulletin board, as well as copy form the raffle prize list. On the left of the prize list is an approximate USD estimate of the item’s value.

The event raise over $250,000 linden dollars which at a 250:1 conversion rate is just over $1,000.00 USD raised to benefit ACS. This is hard currency that can be converted from a PayPal account into cash.

How cool is that? Continue reading to see what was auctioned off….

The most up to date prize list includes the following…
$20 1. $5K Linden Dollars from Michael Brodsky
$20 2. $5K Linden dollars from Michael Brodsky
$15 3. Complete “Private Evening or Party for friends” at Caymand Island valued at $15 $3K donated by Evie Fairchild
$30 4. Roman Fountain from FlipperPA Peregine
$50 5. Pair of Hoverbikes from FlipperPA Peregine
$15 6. Limited Edited Specially deisgned Outfit from Nephailaine Protagonist
$2 7. $500 Linden Gift Certificate to the Midnight Mall
$75 8. BMW Motor Bike
$10 9. SURPRISE Special Edition One of a kind Outfit from Fey Brightwillow
$? 10. JUST IN !!!! Your very own copy of POSER
$20 11. $5K Linden donated by iron chef Cook
$30 12. Custom Limited edition Yacht donated by Garth & Pituca FairChang

*Total; about $300 in donated value

The exchange rate at this time is $250 Linden to the U.S. dollar. The numbers that appear in the margins are the USD value amount estimates of the products. These were garnered by examining the possible value that the items would sell at in Second Life and converting that into USD.

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  1. Most of those prizes were given away in a raffle, but some were auctioned off. The copy of Poser was the “grand prize,” a $200 software program used to create custom animations in Second Life 1.4. The winner of Poser in the raffle donated it back to be auctioned off, and it raised $140.00 itself.

    The really spectacular thing was the limited edition virtual dress designed by Nephilaine Protagonist in Second Life. It was auctioned off four times because the winners kept donating it back to be re-auctioned. So far, it has raised $328.00, comparable to what you’d expect to pay for a real-life dress.

  2. I’ve just updated the numbers on the website (lindensforlife.org). We’re up to $3,000 raised for the American Cancer Society through Second Life.

  3. Thanks for reporting back on this Jade Lily! Let us know on the grand total and what Division will be recieving your donation. Keep up the good work!

  4. On the virtual Cattle Baron’s Ball. I do not think this should be a trend of the ACS because it is uncontrollable.

    We use to put on a Party with a Purpose in the name of Olympic. People paid for admission, we had sponcers, security, games, etc. and raised $3ooo at a crack. But it can not be managed universally.

    I would discourage these type activities and put the creativity into ACS universal functions.

  5. I have to disagree Ed. These type of events can be just as controlled and if we don’t update with the times we will be left behind. Also look at the economic of scale. Look at how much it takes to setup a CBB vs. an online event…

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