C-Tools 2.0 Update

The C-Tools 2.0 PDA project is coming along very well. We have 4 of our tools that have now been moved into Beta testing, while the other 7 tools are quickly moving into Alpha testing.

Our developer has also begun work on the PocketPC color version of the tools. (Something to share with your Microsoft Contacts) You can find an early mock-up of the PocketPC screen below.

To follow up from last month’s news we have launched our new Online home at www.cancer.org/c-tools. Please go check it out and as always to find a complete list of our activities as well as our Blog please check out www.acspdasupport.com

The final bit of news I would like to share is that we have formed a great partnership with Jet Powered Branding who have signed on to be our official advertising agency of record. As they prepare rough drafts of our launch materials we will be sure to post them here.