Nonprofit Live TV from Convio

Didn’t make it over to the Convio Summit this year? Too busy at BBCON or Dreamforce? Then check out all the cool videos at Non Profit LIVE TV. Basically the Convio folks interviewed as many people as they could around the Summit and posted them all on this Web Site and YouTube channel. A great idea and one that the folks a BBCON and Dreamforce should be looking at.

From the site: “Welcome to Nonprofit Live TV, a site produced by Convio dedicated to showcasing insights and foresights of some of the top minds from both the nonprofit sector and technology on how the Internet has changed the nature of nonprofit fundraising, marketing and advocacy.”

A Sample interview:

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  1. David – Glad you enjoyed the Nonprofit Live TV videos! We hope they will be useful in sharing all the wonderful information covered at Summit this year, both to people who weren’t able to attend the event and to those who were there and want to revisit topics after the event. Hope you can make it to Baltimore in 2010!