Why your IT dept will hate you in 2010

If your like me, your IT dept already groans when you walk in the door. Whether it’s because you don’t have access to Facebook or your demanding admin access to install your own apps, super techs like us are usually the bane of IT depts everywhere. Hey at least we are not jamming the printer, spilling coffee on our keyboards or clicking on anna kornakova attachments!

So imagine what will happen they find out you are using Google Apps to store all your documents in the cloud?Or the day you walk in with your new Netbook running the Google Chrome OS and want to add it to the network.

All joking aside if you work in Non Profit IT what do you think of the new Google Chrome OS? Are you okay with Google hosting all your mail AND your documents? How secure will it be? Is the Cloud really our future?

One comment

  1. Haha – so true! I think I’ve been an IT challenge from Day 1. Every time they need to work on my machine I get a lecture about the add-on apps…but, since us tech geeks also serve as a secondary tech resource for staff, there’s certainly some looking-the-other-way that goes on. I also find that homeade cookies work very well.