Social Media Club Austin hits a Home Run!

In the true spirit of “social media for social good” our chapter of the international Social Media Club set out to raise enough money to get our Peggy off the streets and into a new home.

We did it! Thanks to several large contributions and a bunch of small ones made possible through the efforts of Social Media Club Austin and Mobile Loaves and Fishes, Alan Graham has informed us that he has been able to locate a home for Peggy. It’s all being done through the Habitat on Wheels program of MLF which as already helped over 30 other homeless people off the streets of Austin. Not to brag but I am proud to be one of the organizers of this event and even prouder to be part of the leadership that voted to help out this amazing cause!

It’s not too late to donate if you can spare some funds. But before you do please meet Peggy.

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