Social Media Club Austin Welcomes a New Board

Social Media Club Austin is kicking off 2011 with some big announcements and a year of outstanding opportunities for members, both new and old. The group’s ongoing success has led to expansion and designation of its status as a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. The newly elected Board of Directors is planning upcoming events and seeking sponsors to be part of Social Media Club Austin’s continued growth and achievements.

“As we move into the new year, Social Media Club is stronger than ever and extremely important to Austin as the leader of our vibrant social media community,” said Mike Chapman, Past President of Social Media Club Austin and founder of D.C. Strategies. “Incoming President David J. Neff and new Vice President Kat Mandelstein exemplify everything that makes our organization great. If you are passionate about social networking and social media, or just curious, then you need to be involved with Social Media Club Austin in 2011.”

Social Media Club Austin has a diverse membership from all walks of life and professions. Members gain access to social media resources, services and regular events hosted by the club. Social Media Club Austin encourages members to participate and share new ideas. The organization welcomes new members, who can join by visiting or (Join Chapter > Create New Account). The membership and events are coordinated by the 2011 Board of Directors.

· David J. Neff, President

· Kat Mandelstein, Vice President

· Vicki Flaugher, Secretary

· Sherry Lowry, Treasurer

· Oscar Davila, Speaker Chair

· Haley Odom, Sponsors Chair

· Deb Robison, Charitable Activities Chair

“Social Media Club Austin is able to deliver high quality, essential professional development events for Austin and the surrounding areas,” said David J. Neff. “We present a unique opportunity for area businesses and organizations to leverage a highly active demographic by sponsoring an event and getting unprecedented exposure online, through social media, and word of mouth from attendees.”

Companies or organizations interested in sponsoring an upcoming event should contact Haley Odom at While sponsors are being sought for later in 2011, the January 18th Social Media Club Austin event, Adventures in Social Media: A Non-profit’s Tale, was sponsored by the Capital Area Food Bank.

“Social media is transforming the way we all collaborate, both professionally and personally,” said Kat Mandelstein. “Social Media Club was the first global organization to recognize this change. The Austin chapter was one of the earliest professional chapters and is one of the largest chapters, tapping into this evolution of marketing-communications and technology in order to achieve greater potential and results.”

For more information about Social Media Club Austin, please visit their website, join their Facebook group (search “Social Media Club Austin”), or follow them on Twitter @smcaustin.

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