Non Profits at SXSW come say Hi!

How? Well the cool part is that I live, work and play right here in Austin, TX. I’m also blessed to be on an amazing SXSW panel as well this year (actually two).  So I am going to be at SXSW the whole time. The other cooler thing is that we have our own not-so-secret meeting place: The Beacon Lounge as listed on the front page of the SXSW blog.

So if you like this blog (or if you hate it and want to argue your points) let’s make some time to meet in the Beacon Lounge! I’d love to say hi to all of you!

– Dave

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  1. Okay, okay – so you de-lurked me with this! I’ll be there – a total newbie, green as can be… would love to meet you in the lounge.


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