501 Tech Club – Kicking your Browsers Ass: How To.

So I organize two monthly meetings here in Austin, TX. One is the rip-roaring, always packed Social Media Club with Mike Chapman and gang. The other is the always interesting, yet sparcely attended 501 Tech Club with Dale Thompson.

Why is that? Don’t we have over 6k Non Profits in Central Texas alone? So let’s change that this month. Let’s get over 60 people to this months meeting for my friend and client Ehren Foss.

The topic? How to kick your browsers ass.

What does that mean? From Ehren ” We’ll cover some tips, tricks, and tools you can use to make you a lot faster and more efficient at using your web browser.

When using your org’s tools, are you doing the same thing over and over again? Do some things take 5 or 10 steps when one step would suit you just fine? Check out the wonderful world of browser automation! A lot of us spend all day in their web browsers – why not make the day as efficient as possible and spend time on what is important? You might even be able to accomplish some things that would otherwise require expensive custom development.”

How do you RSVP? http://bit.ly/501Feb