More and More people are getting into RSS

A Scan of the Headline Scanners

For those of you who don’t know, what you are reading right now is a Blog. As Blogs grow more and more popular people start to enjoy reading more and more of them. The bad part about this is remembering to check all 30 of them everyday. A way to avoid this is using a news syndicator program. When you use one of these you can see the headlines and updates from all your favorite Blogs at one time, without having to visit all 30 sites you normally use. Another cool feature of this is that you can pick and choose the top[ stories you want to read or even mark stories as “Saved” to read later on. Check out this cool article from Wired to learn more about news syndicators and what the best choices are. And of course don’t forget to add the FISpace and the C-Tool Plog RSS feeds to your syndicators when you do start using one!

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  1. Kinja ( has a digest too – and may be more suited for the less technologically savvy blog reader.