Mobile Phones and Philanthropy

first time I saw txt messaging and fund raising it was back in 2005
around the Tsunami relief efforts. I do not remember the amount of
money raised or the methodology through which they raised it (direct
billing or carrier collected). Recently I have been reading information
on the Chronicle of Philanthropy site regarding the advances by Mobile Giving Foundation and how they worked with the United Way on their Super Bowl campaign, which raised about $10,000.

The statistics are pretty clear that the mobile device is going to
be the 1st piece of computing technology for an overwhelming percentage
of the population of this planet. Our friend Katrin Verclas from Mobile
has really embraced this idea with their efforts to turn the mobile
phone into a change agent through awareness, education and activism.

One comment

  1. The question is, what value are we giving people who sign up. What was the incentive for the people watching the Super Bowl to give?