Marketers use broadband TV to reach consumers

I thought this was an interesting article in MediaDailyNews: "In an example of another major marketer bypassing established media outlets and utilizing broadband Internet as a means of distributing a channel direct-to-consumers, auto marketer Land Rover has launched a new broadband channel featuring original programming on sports, lifestyles and popular culture aimed at the kind of adventurous consumers that are targets for its brand. The new channel, aptly named the Go Beyond Channel, leverages Land Rover’s current brand theme, and features content ranging from extreme sports to extreme pop culture, much of which is supplied by conventional TV networks that Land Rover has relationships with. In an ironic role reversal, the deal, which was created by Land Rover media shop MindShare, transforms TV networks such as CBS, Discovery and the BBC from conduits into content suppliers."

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  1. Yup, it’s time for ACS-TV, our own channel on the internet.