Making podcasting simpler

It looks like FIC’s David Collins has advanced tech skills, as he can produce a podcast when many others are struggling with the technology.

Yahoo! says it is now working on a development tool to make it easier for people to produce and publish podcasts, according to TechWeb. "Yahoo! also is looking at ways to make it easier for podcasters to produce video content. Yahoo! jumped into podcasting about a month ago when it launched the podcast search engine Yahoo Podcasts. The site is offered as a beta service where people can go to find and download podcasts from the Web based on keywords. Word has it that Google is also is designing a development tool to create and publish podcasts."

Read more at Yahoo! News.

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  1. I think the net giants Yahoo, Google, MSN and others will offer more integrated services and solve some problems in the next year. Really they can’t afford not to support podcast and vlog creation.

    Besides simpler hosting services, however, there should be some “how-to” sites as well. Even if they smooth out the technical stuff, there is a learning curve for getting the job done.

    For example, a week ago I did a recording to present some ideas. Then I decided I’d do something like powerpoint slides and synch them with the audio and make the whole thing into a movie. I’ve learned the hard way that you need to be very systematic from the get-go to match your recording up with a slide sequence. I’m still messing with it. But I’m sure there are instruction books out there somewhere on how to do this because this sort of thing wasn’t invented yesterday.

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