LinkedIn might just sell my house

::Editor’s Note: This is part of my ongoing series of posts as I try and sell my house "The Social Media Way"::

Let me just say this : LinkedIN has been vary impressive lately. Not so much in the look and feel but in the actually letting me talk to people online way. You see unlike Facebook where I can only message 20 people at a time, LinkedIn let’s me ask questions to my whole Network and beyond. If you haven’t used it before try out Questions and Answers on LinkedIN.

I asked my network of around 208 people this question: "How can I sell my house The Social Media Way?". And so far in around 48 hours I have gotten around 30 answers. Here are some of them (in no particular order) with more to come next week:


Certainly making a pr spectacle out of the process is a good way to leverage the web/cloud…

2) Create a page on Facebook

3) Set up a YouTube account. Have people submit videos and a $25 entry fee (sent to you) telling you why they   should be the new owners of your house. The videos should have some rules around them – maybe a theme to ensure they will be funny and entertaining.

4) Craigslist is always a good option. Zillow is another good service.

5) I created a blog with pictures and video and information about the area and then posted it to over      
   50 classified ad and social networking sites

6) I’d suggest videos – maybe have friends over, film the house being "lived in", film the possibilities
   and make them into short clips for YouTube or similar. Advertise the fact you’re doing it to news media  (they’d love the story).

What do you think? Any clunkers here? Or great ideas?


  1. Ideas sound pretty good – save the $25 charge for people to submit videos – you aren’t giving it away are you? Figure out who is going to buy your house – young couple, bachelor, family, retirees, etc.. and then market to them on all social networking sites, run ads on facebook, use AdWords, Yahoo!’s Ad platform, etc… Create your own website for the sale and post videos, ditto YouTube, Squidoo, Seesmic, etc… track back everywhere. Create a sense of urgency by stating that the house will be sold on or by August 15th – also could create an online auction with a reserve price so you don’t get hosed. Definitely reach out to your media contacts to create a buzz. Reference that guy who sold all of his stuff online, then went on a road trip.

    Best of luck!

  2. I’d like to sell my house. any ideas?

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