Social Networks 1.0

Feeling old fashioned today…The New York Times today presents an opt-ed piece on Social
Networks 1.0 – do you know those who literally are the closest to you? These
are your neighbors – whether in your apartment building, condo or street. With
all of the ways to connect with people, do we take the opportunity to know our
first circle of co-habitants? If not, why not? Social media allows us to
connect quickly with others who have similar interests. Enrich that
connectivity by knowing who lives across the hall and across the street.


  1. My next door neighbor is twice my age and he makes sure to let me know that there is a right way to do everything.

  2. Living in a condo building in a sometimes dicey neighborhood, we really DO know our neighbors, and I know that we’re all looking out for each other, on alert for any unseemly activity…as well as hanging out at the lakefront together on weekends. And we’re still the “new kids,” even after living there for 8 years. 😉

  3. I think I may share a neighbor with Tom. It’s funny, I always go (take a little houseplant) and introduce myself if there’s a new neighbor and almost all of them have been suspicious at first. Now, I just say Hi, I’m Susan, soon-to-be-known as: that crazy woman next door. It seems lunacy is something of an icebreaker. I’m still amazed that half of Mr. Lovinehim’s neighbors agreed to let him stay over.