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The L.A. Times newspaper has launched a new form of editorial, the wikitorial The LA Times editorial staff
introduces the new feature in a recent editorial, and the first wikitorial, War and Consquences , has already been posted. Is this an innovative new
way to interact with readers, or will it be constantly defaced by

Looks like I already found out the answer. Go check out what has already happened to it. How sad = (


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  1. When I checked it was already down. I can imagine what was thrown up. Too bad. Maybe they should have left it. I think those things are a reflection of what’s out there in our society. It’s ugly.

  2. This is too bad – LA Times was trying to take a risk and do something innovative and interesting…. the topic certainly sounded of interest, too!

  3. I think maybe they’ll bring it back. I think most people’s reaction is that it was a good idea and they gave up too soon. A NYT article I read this morning said things were going pretty well until word got around and somebody posted porno at 2:00 am. So, what did we expect? This is just childishness and children have short attention spans. I think if the LA Times did this some more and did vigilance for a while the pests would get bored and quit. Also if other papers did wikis it would stop having novelty value.

  4. LAT’s ‘Wikitorial’ Pulled Due to Vandalism

    Now, up to now my plan went all right
    ‘Til we tried to put it all together one night – And that’s when we noticed that something was definitely wrong.