Jennifer E. Asumaa

Jennifer E. Asumaa will join the FIC as a Project Specialist on Monday July 11. Jennifer has a professional backround in managed health care and comercial property management. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration, Finance major, from the University of Georgia and a Masters of Health Services Administration from the University of Kansas.

Jennifer will be responsible for the administrative work of the FIC and the coordination of FIC initiatives in health care. She will also serve as a FIC team member and a contributor to FISpace.

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  1. Is Randy moving on up? What will be his new position?

  2. The successful NVHA SNM conference completed the last leg of the original FIC business plan. The 3 legs of the stool Springboard, Futures scans and Futures Conferences were the foundation on which to build the Center. Driving SNM into the organization in an appropriate way has become a full time task and I have freed Randy from his EA duties to specialize in this area. We hired Jennifer as Project Assistant/EA to manage our operations and to coordinate our work with emerging health care innovations. I feel these changes will yield the time needed to maintain momentum and bring future innovation into being at a faster pace.

  3. Sounds like a good idea to me. Good luck to Jennifer!