It's time for us to move on…

The Department of Homeland Security says “Just Say No to IE”

Really ACS, it’s time to move on! I was inspired by David Collin’s series of articles on the state of Life Science in America, so I thought I would write my own series of articles on something that’s near and dear to my heart. Browsers. In this series of reports I plan to show you that using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer as our orginization’s default browser is no longer in the best interests of our company. I will start with the BIG reasons and work my way down to the little details on why we should all make the switch.

And when I say BIG details I mean it. Check out why our own goverment says IE is not the answer in today’s installment.

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  1. Yes, I agree! Just today an IS staffer found 70-something spyware programs on my computer!

    I would love to see ACS offer web-based email (not dial-up access to Lotus Notes email, but email you could check from any computer connected to the web). It seems silly that i have to take my work laptop home in order to check my work email, when my household already has two computers with faster internet connections than the work laptop. Web-based email might introduce even more security problems…why risk using the most vulnerable browser?

  2. Allow me to Nerd out for a second. What Division are you in Amy? If your Division is running Lotus Notes R6 you are able to access your Lotus mail from any browser. We are still on R5 but we are switching soon. That will truly be a great day. And yes if you switch to FireFox or even Opera I promise you will have 90% less spyware programs. I will be posting links to download both of those soon.

  3. I’ve been an advocate of dumping Lotus Notes for a long time. It seems to me it is a barrier between staff and volunteers and the public in general. I suppose if I knew more geek stuff I could find work-arounds, but that’s not my job. And the issue isn’t just tecnical, its seems to be a mindset that it’s not a priority of have easier engagement.

  4. Hi,
    i’m in the Illinois Division. We have Lotus Notes 5. i use Firefox or occasionally Mozilla or Netscape on my home PC, but can’t get Siebel to work except with IE. But that could be “operator error.” πŸ™‚

  5. Good thought. I wonder if Siebel will work with anyting other than IE?


  6. Stay Tuned for part 7 and I am going to do a complete list of what ACS stuff worke only with IE. I am sure it will be suprising to all of us……

  7. We have Notes R5 and use webmail; very useful esp. when travelling abroad.

    The ACS has NEVER fully utilized Notes to its capabilities. For example, we use it for instant messaging, Sametime (exactly like WebEx, except free), and our corporate intranet (again, no incremental cost, except a server to run it). P.s. I AM excited about the Plumbtree Intranet/Extranet.

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