I got my degree in Homeland Security

Wired News: Homeland Security 101

Scary stuff. It appears at a number of Universities across the US you can now enroll in classes to learn more about such topics as:

Rhetorics of Terror/ism, Homeland (In)Security, and the State, which examines the root causes of terrorism and current United States security concerns. Rice University offers Jihad and the End of the World, a religion class that explores the concept of holy war in the Islamic world.

Students taking the Urban Security course, at Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, analyze blast loads and explosion mitigation in order to learn how to design buildings that can withstand acts of terrorism.

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  1. Well, security is a growth industry. Not just the gun and badge type, but job and income security. In an increasingly uncertain world, if you can provide a little solidity people will consider that value,