Turn Your Marathon Into a "Marrow-thon"

The concept of the “Marrow-thon” is simple – get accepted into an official marathon (26.2 miles) anytime in 2004 and raise money for cancer research, education, advocacy and service through the American Cancer Society’s Team ACS. Conceptually created by ACS volunteer Stu Glen, the 2004 Marrow-thon goal is to recruit 100 team members to raise at least $250,000. Click below to turn your marathon experience into a “Marrow-thon.”


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  1. Okay, I checked it out. Hey, all you have to give is money. Whew! I thought maybe you had to donate bone marrow–ouch!

  2. Wow is this turning into a Fund-raising Blog? Someone call in the calvary from Health Initatives/Cancer Control cause ID is taking over! ; )