Hot spot!!


Despite a nagging cold, I decided I had to get out because it’s a beautiful spring day. Life’s too short to stay in on days like this.

But I wanted to work on FISpace, so I googled wi-fi hotspots in my area. Besides the usual Starbucks, a Walnut Creek coffee house named Lusa’s Coffee came up. It’s a Portuguese place and what you see is my Linguica a Bombeiro (Fireman Linguica) cooking itself. Pour a couple of shots of brandy over a section of linguica, strike a match, and jump back.

So at Lusa’s you can get hot linguica and a hot, free Internet connection. It’s at 1310 S. California in Walnut Creek. So if you live or work in the area or ply the US680 corridor and need espresso or a wi-fi spot, check-out Lusa’s.

Flamig linguica!

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  1. Hmmm…i’d never heard of linguica, so i looked it up. Sounds delicious, but have you been getting some flak about including it on an ACS website? It seems to be decidedly NOT a health food.

  2. Yes, inclusion of my dietary habbits does not imply endorsement by the ACS.

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