Linking up

I’ve started doing a "blog roll" for FISpace. Over on the right you’ll see a list beginning under LINKS. Those are links to some of the web sites and blogs of presenters at the NVHA Innovations conference.  There’s more to go, but I have learned that in TypePad–the platform for FISpace–it’s easy to add links. You click on a link, up comes a box in which you put the URL of the site you want (or surf to the site through the web) and, zoink!, the link and title are there.

I have to confess something. Sure I’ve heard the term "alacrity." I went to college! But when I posted Chris Allen’s site, I had to look it up in Webster’s. It means:

promptness in response  : cheerful readiness

That’s Chris alright.

Latin alacritas, from alacr-, alacer lively, eager
Date:15th century

Chris was a keynoter, gave us the 411 on social software, and posted about the conference. I was delighted that he and many of the presenters hung out with us and joined in the gestalt of the conference.

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