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When I joined the National ACS 2006 Active For Life Nationwide Challenge I figured the best way for me to get my 30 min/day exercise was to take a walk at lunchtime. But I thought, "Where’ll I go," because I’ve done this before and doing the same walk all the time or wandering aimlessly around downtown Oakland has gotten boring.

Finally I realized that AFL is the perfect time to do my own walking tour of the art deco highlights of Oakland. A lot of the town was built during the 1920s and ’30s. There are some exquisite examples of art deco architecture here like the Paramount Theater. But many of the other buildings around town have influences to a greater or lesser degree. You can see many aspects of the time by wandering around and looking up.

So I decided to borrow my wife’s camera and snap some pictures as I looked around. Walk…snap…walk… Rack-up Life Points and do something interesting too. Then it occurred to me that it would be interesting to make a Frappr map where I could post the pictures and indicate the locations where I took them. Haven’t had time to put up pics yet, but I will.

Finally it occurred to me, "Hey, anybody involved in the Society also involved with AFL could use the map too!" So I invite anyone interested to use the Frappr map: 2006 ACS Active For Life Challenge. Put yourself on the map as a person. Put places where you work out or have fun on the map too. Could be your gym, your park, or the town you stroll around in. That thing sticking out of the side of FISpace on the right is a widget that displays the map in miniature. It doesn’t seem to be working completely, but Frappr is in beta and a lot of things don’t work quite right. Just have fun.

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  1. gregory bellamy

    Good for you. I myself joined the ‘help africa’ society and have enjoyed many glorious walks around the city’s (how do yuo spell that?) of west Africa. I didn’t get much time for pictures because the people are so freindly that there is no time for anything but chatting. I hope Oakland is enough for you. I am from Scotland but live in Holland.