Finns Develop 37,000 uses for Cellphones

37,000 Uses for Cellphones

The Helsinki Sanomat has an article on the general inventiveness of the Finnish people when coming up with new and useful cellphone applications. Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT)
asked the public for ideas for new ways that mobile telephony could
improve the quality of life.  The article reads the Finns devised
37,000 cellphone uses – with about 7% being considered brilliant. After
looking over the article I noticed the examples were all related to
using mobile devices as metadata readers and relays.

After the Metaverse Roadmap Summit I
have been considering all of the amazing apps and uses of mobile
real-time informatics systems.  Everything from crime alerts, to price
fluctuations, to parking meter statue, and even mobile commerce.  The
overarching theme is mobile informatics and allowing the consumer to
target and refine the information stream dependent on their immediate
needs.  As a community tool these kinds of informatics can be used to
alert whole geographic areas, or even alert affinity groups of events
or critical news.