Futurist interview in SF Chonicle

This interview with Paul Saffo from the Institute for the Future is an interesting read. The San Francisco Chronicle says:

"What follows is an edited version of an hour-long interview in which Saffo balanced his fears – notably of an anti-modern, fundamentalist backlash – against a more hopeful view that technology will elevate moderation over extremism – even if the digital future turns out to be more suburban than utopian."

Check it out!

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  1. Paul Saffo is a well-respected futrist or “forecaster” or whatever. I keep wondering if there is some limit to how fast people can take change. I think a lot of the “culture war” in the US and the “clash of cultures” between the West and the Middle East is a manifestation of skewing between those receptive to more and more change and those preserving the way of life they’re accustomed to. It’s just going to get worse. Is there some rate of change at which the wheels just fall off and the whole system crashes? I think we’ll find out in the dacades just ahead.