Fun with Flickr

David Collin, Glenn Ross and I are having a great discussion about this in email so I thought I would take it to the people for comment. Since so many of us (as staff and volunteers) take photos at Relay as part of our jobs I thought you might all find these questions interesting. For every photo we take do we need that person’s permission? Do we need that permission only if we post the photo in a Brochure or only if we post them online? I decided to take photos at my local Relay this weekend and post them online. Should of I asked every single person to sign something? Thoughts? Comments?

Enjoy the horrible photos I took at the Website below…..No one said I was good at photography! = )  Please feel free to leave me individual comments
on any of the photos.

I have also set up a generic Society account where we could post Photos from all across the Nation. Email me if you interested in having your photos posted there as well. It would be cool if we could all share and comment on each others work. I will be MORE than happy to share the login and password!

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  1. Can’t each Relay set up its own free account at Flickr and name it by the date. If everyone uses the same tags like “Relay,” “RFL,” or “Relay For Life” pictures for Relays anywhere in the country could be pulled from the database.

  2. True,
    But it would better for the Society if we could control it some way by one central account.

  3. NO you are wrong. The society should NOT controll the activities of the volunteers by way of mandating them use a central service. Moreover I would be very careful in indentifying at events which photogrophers are looking to capture images for ACS use.

  4. Everyone is a Journalist, Everyone is a Photographer

    There is a trying discussion going on over at FI Space on the considerations of using services like Flickr to aggregate photos from events, especially nationwide fundrasing events such as the ACS Relay For Life.

  5. I am afraid you are way off Randy. This isn’t some utopian world. You never know what legal libalities we might face over some comment that someone else leaves on our Flickr account. Plus why not offer our volunteers the ease and comfort of us controlling and updating the account?