The New Unaffiliated Volunteers

Call them serendipitious, entrepreneurial, spontaneous, unofficial, out of the box, under the radar, independent or unaffiliated.   These are the new volunteers that do what they want, when and how they want to do it.  They do not feel obligated to do their volunteer work through established channels.  They see a need or  something that peaks their interest and they are off and running. These volunteers see themselves as  self-appointed doers of good.

Volunteer News through peoplle at Merrill Associates says that a major shift is how people appproach and think about volunteer work.   They are seeking instatnt reponses in a society that lives by  push button action.  They are interested in results and they will find ways to make it happen.

How do we attract and engage these independent , creative, individualistic individuals.  Will we alllow them to shape and change our structure and organization?

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  1. very good observation Ed. I think you’ve pointed to a changing condition which we ought to think about. First, you’ve got to get the bureaucracy out of the way. The Net is empowering people to pull themselves together and do things. They don’t necessarily need the permission or structure that former institutions provided.

  2. I’m really interested in this, Ed. Could you–or the vivacious Mrs. Duke–find out more?

  3. Natalie is going to give a full report soon.