Fortune's 20 that made history

Could not resist sharing this article – from Fortune on "20 That Made History."

From the web site and in the print edition, Fortune editors say "The 20 decisions below helped create the business world as we know it. But that’s not the only reason they are on this list. They’re here because they shed light on how powerful people make decisions—some exceedingly good, some hideously bad, and all history-shaping.

So blindfold yourself and imagine you are back in 1876, when the long-distance business involved Morse code, or in 1964, trying to invent a computer age that doesn’t yet exist. You don’t have a crystal ball to consult. You have a decision to make. — Jerry Useem"

Check out Fortune, as it looks at innovation – for better or for worse – and how it was receieved over the past century!