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I have been checking out the FI Space and it looks like the Personal Change section needs some attention. Here is a great web site for looking at this kind of topic, and I am mentioning an entry this week on the DailyOm web site called "Beyond The Small Self – Being A Good Global Citizen."

The DailyOm says, "It would be difficult to deny that we are in a very challenging time as a planet. Watching or reading the news can be depressing and we may avoid it because we want and need to keep our energy up to attend to our individual lives. While there is nothing wrong with knowing when you need a retreat from the news of the day to restore your energy, when you are restored, remember that the world needs you and your light. The more conscious you are, and the more consciousness is something you seek, the more power you have to change this world for the better."

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  1. Good for you. Personal change is valid. What’s more, out here in California we’re trying to work on the ol’ work/life balance issue. It’s a problem anywhere and any resources or research would be helpful.