First ever User Generated Content Contest for the American Cancer Society

Talk about navigating the corporate maze! We just got approval from everyone and their lawyers to have the first ever user generated video contest around our signature fundraiser Relay For Life. We are letting people enter video in any of these categories:

· Crazy, Zany, Wacky Things I See at Relay
· Why I Fight Back
· My Relay “Recruitment” Video
· Making Your Relay Meeting Fun

Want to learn more? Watch the video below. Are other non-profits doing contests like this?


  1. That was great. Good luck. I think it’s a powerful idea and pretty cutting edge, glad to see the lawyers bought in to it.

  2. Perfect! I love when execs. and lawyers think they had control of communication to begin with. Greatest part – I want that camera! Gonna have to put a little sumpin’ sumpin’ together. (Sorry, influenced by the video)

  3. lol.

    i gotta say, the timing of Dave popping his hood over his head with the music was excellent.

    very nice.

  4. Cracking me up! It’s a great idea! We’ve been brainstorming ideas like this. Great minds…I suppose. Wishing you guys the best of luck! Hey, will you post “best of” on this site/YouTube? how will you judge a winner, by views? team of crackpot accountants? random selection? One in each category? Just curious.

  5. That was hysterical… great way to gengage your donors… 🙂

  6. Really excited to see this taking place. Nice promo video and great job on getting the lawyers signed off. Now that’s an accomplishment!

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