Experts discuss health care policy

Two policy-focused groups are looking at health care spending this week, so be sure to check out The Brookings Institution and the Heritage Foundation.

First, on June 20 the Brookings held "Health Policy Initiative Public Forum: Biting the Bullet on Health Care Costs." According to the Brookings web site statement, "Brookings Senior Fellow Isabel Sawhill moderated the first of a series of public discussions on the Brookings health policy initiative on Monday. This forum focused on strategies to slow the growth of health care spending, particularly in Medicare and Medicaid. You can find the transcript at the Brookings web site.

The second item comes from the Heritage Foundation. A Heritage backgrounder issued this week,"A Road Map for Medicaid Reform," is written by Nina Owcharenko. She says that the "federal–state health care program for the poor and indigent, is long overdue for comprehensive reform. "You can read more about her ideas by visiting the Heritage web site.

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  1. I downloaded both PDFs if anyone wants them.

    I’m glad to see you’re fair and balanced, Sarah: Brookings AND Heritage.

  2. We need to a log term plan for the betterments for health care in all over the world.

  3. In my view health awareness is a trend that cater to the most basic instinct of human being, survival.

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