Creating Value from Recombinations

After reading the article on MSNBC
on the digitizing of libraries my work group got into a discussion on
the value of comodotized old data.  The conclusion  we came to was that
the research paper as we know it is a 1980’s relic.  The new value and
the engine upon which the new economy will be built on is the creative
recombination of old technology.  Innovation will push the ranks of the
creative higher and higher.  The key element is the ability to combine,
and remix old items into new and unique uses … like a Reeses Peanut butter Cup. (Disclaimer: I love Reeses cups!)

Consequently I see a drastic need for more creativity education in
our schools.  The same creative programs that are  first on the
chopping blocks during budget cuts. With the passing of each year e
shoot another wad of buckshot into our own foots as we continue to
force our students to memorize old and often out of date facts.

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  1. I think companies adopting innovation as the paradigm of the times is essential too. Continuous innovation and custom products for clients, no matter how many, needs to be a mind-set. Standard products and services that go on for years is over. Centers to communicate the innovation paradigm like the Futuring and Innovation Center are needed for today’s workiers.

  2. I will weigh in on the topic of the need for creativity and innovation in schools. Having children who have recently been in the high school setting, I cannot believe the archaic approach to teaching and resources(and this at the “best” public in the county). Some teachers are trying to address students in new ways, to catch up with where students already are outside of the classroom, but others haven’t a clue how to reach students and are not given the tools. It also goes to budget – where is the money to institute real change?

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