Elevator pitch on the iPod

This is just a slice of life with today’s iPod possibilities – so I am sharing the story in Business 2.0: "Getting face time with venture capitalists – even 60 seconds for an elevator pitch – can be tough. But with a few blog-savvy, iPod-toting VCs, it’s now easier to bend their ears remotely. Five months ago Fred Wilson, a managing partner at New York’s Union Square Ventures, began using his A VC blog as a place to hear business plans; entrepreneurs talk up their ideas and submit the pitches as MP3s. Much like podcasts, the MP3s can be downloaded to Wilson’s iPod, so he can listen to them anytime. So far he has received 12 pitches via podcast and has scheduled a meeting with a Web-based video-sharing company called Cozmo Media. The best part for Wilson? He can listen to the pitches while riding his bicycle to work."

One comment

  1. Arg – technology should not have a requirement for physical coordination!