Electionl day and Wal-Mart

I second David Neff’s admonition to go vote. But don’t I speak for a lot of Americans when I plead: Let it be over!

One of the things on the ballot here in California is an initiative (we vote on everything out here) to require Wal-Mart to provide a level of health care insurance to employees.

And backers of a measure that will be on California’s ballot tomorrow, which would force big employers like Wal-Mart to either provide affordable health insurance to their workers or pay into a state insurance pool, say Wal-Mart employees without company insurance are costing California’s state health care programs an estimated $32 million a year. (From the NYT)

It’s something to watch wherever you’re from and not insignificant to ACS possibly. At any rate it’s a straw in the wind about how we pay for health care in the US.

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  1. Don’t get me started on Wal-Mart….I know they are in our sights for Major Gifts so I will keep my mout shut…but sheesh I hope this measure passes in CA.