Smart Web Changes World

Put on your thinking cap and figure out how the following might apply to ACS and then apply to Sprinboard! From WIRED

A smarter internet and a host of cheap, web-enabled mobile devices will allow access to a whole range of services on the move, research group Gartner Dataquest said on Sunday, ahead of its ITXpo symposium.

A smarter internet means consumers can collaborate to pay for services costing just a few cents, making a whole range of new offerings viable. (50 cent donations but millions of them?)

Navigation systems that now offer only a rudimentary selection of road services such as fuel stations and tourist sites are just a beginning. Mobile users will one day be shown the way to the nearest doctor on weekend duty. Parents will be able to contact the nearest child minder to take over at a moment’s notice. Consumers will be able to select and rate a wide range of services such as restaurants or shops. (Find your way to ACS, to Discovery Shops, to events, to a screening center?)

Some websites already offer a glimpse of the future by having customers describe and rate restaurants they visit, in a real life version of what Google and Amazon do by tracking clicks and customer purchases. Consumers and businesses should expect this kind of internet intelligence to come to the real world. (ACS rated vis-a-vis other NPOs?)