Does ACS need a cyber-brand?

Here’s an interesting article about how companies are modifying their brand image for the internet. So, does the ACS need to think about how its brand plays on the net?

All businesses, whether big or small, are trying to dominate the corporate identity landscape through new cyber-branding and digital domain name management techniques.

…cyber-image corporations like Yahoo, Amazon, E-Trade, Google, eBay, and millions of others successful operations worldwide do not conjure up images of overpowering logos on skyscrapers, specific logo designs with color identities, taglines with gigantic billboards or repetitive visual advertising campaigns. Rather, they are almost invisible in the traditional corporate identity arena.

Today, corporate visibility is built for global cyber economies using search-engine techniques as a new standard because they are fast, user friendly and extremely cheap.

But in the new era of cyber-identity domination, corporations provide user-friendly facades and services that focus on being economical and attempt to emulate a corporate presence in the new viral arena. Today, the bigger the image, the more sluggish, complicated and unreliable it appears.

Cyber corporations, under the new rules, are developing sophisticated Web presence and working on global portalization of the entire corporation. In this major shift, there is a serious decline of the traditional collateral materials that corporations produced under the old rules of corporate identities, which usually took the form of bulky brochures, thick catalogues and colorful annual reports.
Rather, all imaging and information is being transferred into user-friendly, sophisticated, fluid websites where information changes constantly and services are available at bullet speed. Corporations that are small, agile and have open access are now the winners.

Corporations practicing the old corporate identity rules were absolutely convinced that the entire globe was their potential target audience. These companies used general broadcast and shotgun methods to relay their messages, including skyscrapers, billboards and bulky brochures, all addressing the “global occupant.”

Now, cyber domination provides custom information to a select, potential client base located in specific demographics worldwide. The message is highly pertinent, clear, precise and user-friendly, offering instant results. Selected and targeted messages get the results.

A lot to think about. It also relates, in my mind, to boobie-thons and the like. But then, my mind has always been a little skewed.