Wealth Gap Widens For Blacks, Hispanics

Hmm. Are certain disparities, such as cancer burden, related to others, such as income? From the WP.

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  1. Of course. Is that a rhetorical question? When does poverty have a POSITIVE effect on health? OK, maybe in a culture where the lower-middle economic class (not the extremely poor) ate less processed food and got more exercise than the wealthy, you would see a positive effect, but that’s clearly not the case in the US. The article describes black & Hispanic families with fewer assets/less equity who are paying higher interest rates, which means that the costs associated with a cancer diagnosis are more of a burden for them. Prevention & early detection helps but for cancers that aren’t caught early, there’s a disparity in the death rates for poor people too.

  2. Yes, rhetorical. Next question: then should the ACS–committed as we are to reducing the disparity of the cancer burden–take a proactive stance on reducing income disparities? Or should we just pretend there’s no connection?