Do Ads on Facebook work? YES

So a big question for all of us in the Social Media game is what works as far as advertising?  Should I spend on Google Ad Words? Yahoo Ad Words? Facebook Ads? How can I get my non profit or my stuff in general out to more people? Well in the last few weeks I tried out Facebook Ads for a Fan Page I run. Let me tell you not only was it easy it worked.  And on top of that, I was soon addicted to checking it to see how well it was working. My spend limit was 10.00 a day for a total of 50.00. Not once did it let me spend over 10.00 a day, however it did spend over my 50.00 limit.

The ad was easy to create and I think I got a lot of “social actions” out of it as people added my fan group and then it showed up on their updates so others saw it and added it as well (Without even seeing my ad). All in all it worked great and helped us add 50 new fans to my TV show in under a week. Check out the results below:



  1. Fascinating. Thanks for this insight and sharing these results David!

  2. One strategy I’ve used on a Congressional campaign is to up your “bid” amount on a per-click basis and you will get TONS of impressions. Facebook will display your ad more if they think they’ll get more money for your clicks. Now, you may not get very good click-through ratios (and Facebook will quickly adjust and display it less) but it’s good for general Brand Exposure and still valuable if you’re closely targeting your ads to your potential market. They may not click, but they’re N times more like to click the next time they see something about you because of that recollection.

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