Lately I’ve been thinking about how far the ACS ought to go in adopting digital technologies for interacting with "communities." I’ve been around a long time and most of the time our fundamental practices have been based on geography, what I think of as Terra-ACS. But when I look back at recent developments I see we’ve already adopted a lot of computer-based tools. Hopefully, we’re going to integrate those, and I know we’ll add a lot more. It’s more than computer-infrastructure; it’s a change in how we operate and how we perceive community.


  1. I agree and I think this will affect, in some way, ACS infrastructure. Online communication does not adhere to Divisions. It may also cause the reduction in divisional differences in relation to Relay. From what I understand, one division may do things differently from another, but if more people are discussing things online, this may cause problems (depending on the differences) and the only real solution is to have all divisions adopt the same practices.

  2. I’d hope people don’t get confused about what’s what, but, personally, I don’t see what the problem is if people know others do things differently. Vive la differance!

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