Microsoft playing catch up…again

From Wired there is a story about an internal Microsoft memo by a top honchos saying the company faces a "sea-change" in what it needs to offer to be competitive. Remember when Microsoft realized the internet was for real and they switched from total focus on desktop software to offering web-related services? Well, it seems they’ve had another epiphany and see that Web 2.0 and its web-based services signify a basic change coming to the web.

Gates compares the push toward such services — which range from online
business software offerings to free web-based e-mail — to the changes
he saw nearly a decade ago. Then, he wrote a now-famous memo, called
"The Internet Tidal Wave," the prompted a massive shift at Microsoft
toward internet-based technology.

Well, if it’s big enough to raise beads of sweat on Big Bill’s brow, it’s worth everyone paying attention to. Tip of the day: to keep your job skills up to date, get out there and find out about Web 2.0. Of course, the learn more you’ll probably want to enter "web 2.0" in the search box of Microsoft’s arch rival, Google.

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