CEO Blogger…Urban Myth?

So how many companies out there are having their CEO blog? And how many of those are real? And by that I mean how many are actually written by the CEO and not their Corporate Comm Dept? I think those are pretty easy to see through. I am quite proud to say that our Division’s CEO , Mike Dany, will soon be Blogging about a RFL Roadtrip he is taking. And if you know Mike you know that should be a good read. There’s a pretty good article about CEO Blogging over at Skype Journal. The best advice they had for CEO Bloggers was:

I had the great pleasure of learning to blog with fairly low visibility. You
learn more if you’re free to make mistakes and being at the helm of a large
organization probably doesn’t feel that way. That’s why one good practice is to
start your blogging in private and gradually extend the circle of readers as
your confidence grows.

Very true…..

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