This isn't your father's Tee-Vee

I’m just astonished at the rate that TV is moving to digital devices. Two items from today’s NYTimes:

1. Two years ago, few entertainment executives would have guessed that
the performances of a sexy female detective, a 40-something single guy<
ordering a steak sandwich and Madonna as a college professor would be worthy of an Emmy.

those are among the nominees for the first Emmy award to be given by
the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for outstanding
original programming for computers, cellphones and other hand-held
devices, including the video iPod.


2. Yesterday, Disney announced details of the plan. Beginning in May, the
company will begin a two-month trial that will make four popular shows
from its ABC network — "Desperate Housewives," "Lost," "Commander in
Chief" and "Alias" — available for free viewing online the day after
they are broadcast. The plan was first reported in The Wall Street