Cancer Awareness Badges for Blogs

Be sure to get a cancer awareness badge and post it to your blog today.  What’s a cancer awareness badge? It’s a virtual manifestation of the cancer awareness wrist band — the bloggers way of demonstrating affinity for the cause. They’re available in multiple colors based on the cancer site and/or cause (pink for breast cancer awareness, purple for Relay For Life, orange for lung cancer awareness, light blue for prostate cancer awareness, navy blue for colon cancer awareness, silver for caregivers, and teal for ovarian cancer). 


When you post the badge, use the opportunity to share a cancer experience, memorialize or honor someone, link to the American Cancer Society screening guidelines, etc. and join the effort to unite the blogoshere against cancer!  Check out my badge post here.

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  1. Okay,I’m a Typepad user, how do I do this?
    Does it go into the Typelist?

  2. Click on “Advaced Options” and copy the code into your typelist (don’t create a name for the typelist…just paste the code and hit “save”)….call me if you have problems…I’m also a Typepad-er so I can related (I didn’t say it was perfect, yet).

  3. I was able to post a badge on my blog – check it out!