Why am I not surprised?

From Reuters and other sources
yesterday: "Very young children who eat French fries frequently have a
much higher risk of breast cancer as adults, U.S. researchers reported on

From the Washington Post today:

Like many restaurant chains in the past two years, Ruby Tuesday has
discovered that while customers say they want more nutritious choices, they
rarely order them. As a result, fast food and casual dining chains — which
together account for three out of four U.S. restaurant visits — are slowly
going back to what they do best: indulging Americans’ taste for high-calorie, high-fat

"The gap between what [diners] say and what they do is just
huge," said Denny Post, chief concept officer for Burger King.
"Therein lies the challenge for business, because there is simply not
enough behavior shift to build a business around."

Ah, deja vu. Was it ten years ago there
was a big "get healthy" craze, and McDonalds came out with the McLean
burger with some soy in it? Nobody bought it so they went back to the
double-patty, double-bacon, double-cheese burger with a hearty helping of
French fries and a super-size milkshake.