Bloggers as Journaists – Business Week Editorial

The back Page of the Business Week magazine for March 28, 2005 has a
very interesting editorial on the Apple Vs. Think  The
Editorial tries to wrap its hands around the question of are bloggers
journalists, and should they be protected as such.  It is nice to read
a very well organized set of questions from the ‘old media’ point of
view.  Interesting is that they set out some very good and clear
definitions for what constitutes a journalist and I seem to agree with
most of the assertions.  "Technology has liberated individuals from
having to work within any specific journalistic organizations, and it
is time the law recognize that fact."

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  1. Are bloggers journalists? It is certain that some are. They certainly have a media and a way of reaching an audience. The question is really one of intent. If the blogger intends to inform the public in a fair and impartial way about events of the day and uses a media of mass distribution the answer is yes. If the blogger intends to present a biased view for reasons other then truth then they are some thing else, perhaps a columnist or a hack or a ranter. All of these also exist it traditional media and there should be a place for them but they are not journalists when operating outside the commonly accepted rules of journalism. Should the real blogger journalists be accredited to cover events? It depends on the rules set up for the event. Small news outlets often get denied for space and cost reasons. The same logic should be acceptable to bloggers.

  2. I think–or at leas hope–there will be a re-emergence of “truth tellers,” people and organizations that are valued because they do the right things to lay out the facts.

    But maybe we’re seeing a whole new range of “citizen journalists” who fill niches like op-ed writers, social news reporters, diarists, scolds, fools, and hacks. Hunter Thompson supposedly pioneered “gonzo” journalism where the journalist is part of the story.

    Seems to me the reader is going to have to greatly increase his/her interpretive skills since I don’t think in the free-for-all certificates of authenticity are going to be handed out.

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