Personal Technology and Societal Impact

I read an essay on in New York Times by Christine Rosen called Bad Connections.  (Not sure if everyone will have access to the article–I believe you must have an account to login). She has a very interesting perspective on how personal technologies have brought us positive benefits, but at the same time have negatively impacted our society, and have served to create "the on-demand generation".  I must say I agree with her perspective.  While technologies afford us great personal comfort, security and convenience, we often have a tendency to abuse them.  Our personal choices can have a negative impact on the greater good.  If we could somehow self-regulate…

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  1. The medium is the message now more then ever.

  2. Yes, and interesting article. Back in the late ’60s and early ’70s the Vibram sole and nylon/aluminum backpacks sent a whole generation into the woods to discover nature. It got so intense we nearly ruined the beauty we came to enjoy. I keep waiting for today’s kids to redicover nature and eschew technology. It’ll be different–if it happens–because they’ll go into nature and take cell phones, GPS locators, and iPods into the wilderness.

    I’m not sure how to measure the gains and losses that come with technology. Are things ever better, or worse, or just different?

  3. Speaking about harking back to the ’70s, the term “ego-casting” has become a label attached to a lot of blogging and social networking. Reminds me, you youngsters, of when the most damning thing you could say about somebody was, “He’s on an ego-trip, man.”

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