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Experts discuss health care policy

Two policy-focused groups are looking at health care spending this week, so be sure to check out The Brookings Institution and the Heritage Foundation. First, on June 20 the Brookings held "Health Policy Initiative Public Forum: Biting the Bullet on Health Care Costs." According to the Brookings web site statement, "Brookings Senior Fellow Isabel Sawhill moderated the first of a ...

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Pushing the envelop on healthcare delivery

There are high-profile business leaders who take an interest in big health issues affecting Americans and people all around the world. For example, Bill Gates (and his wife Melinda) started the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to bring innovations in health and learning to the global community. Now, Steve Case (formerly of AOL fame), has started a new company called ...

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NIH starts "Roadmap" to study small molecules

Around the American Cancer Society we talk alot about screening – cancer screening. The ACS believes that early detection exams and tests can help save lives and reduce suffering from many cancers. The ACS also supports the idea of advancing innovative, high-impact research, and thus the following story is of interest. The news today is about a type of screening ...

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