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Care-Giver Tech Slowly Evolves

Wired News: Care-Giver Tech Slowly Evolves As someone with very elderly in-laws, I’d estimate that this is going to be very singnficant. You really want remote monitoring. All I can say is that it’s got to be goof-proof. A significant part of this will probably be cancer patients. What do you think can be done for them by telemetry and ...

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IBM and cancer-focused system

Big Blue evidently has built a demonstration grid system focusing on breast cancer.

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Romania's got more than gymnasts

I think the so-called “outsourcing” flap is beginning to take the right perspective: it’s about the future of the global economy, not just economic recovery. Here’s an article saying that IT outsourcers are looking at Eastern European countries because “India’s getting more expensive.” Whaa?!

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NPO income up

Survey Shows Brightening Picture For Many Nonprofits :: PNNOnline :: Pretty good news for a Friday.

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