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Heliodisplay – Project video into thin air

This new technology was brought to my attention by Eric Smith. A company named io2technology has created a product called a Heliodisplay which projects full color streaming video into the air. According to them, “The image or video is fully interactive allowing a hand or finger to select, navigate and manipulate the image or video as a virtual touchscreen.” I ...

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International Funding

EU Foundations are more likely to behave in an international way then their American counterparts. The top 40 European Foundations provided 2002 grants of 3.2 billion euros, $3.5 billion, almost all of them gave outside their borders. The top 40 American Foundations gave more 7.4 billion euros, $8.1 billion but only 14% gave outside the USA American Foundations are not ...

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Live long, stay healthy

A little encouraging news from a study of health care costs and longevity. Longer life itself does not necessarily mean greater overall health care costs. “The basic lesson of our study is that although healthy people live longer, they don’t cost more in the long run,” said Jim Lubitz, acting chief of the Aging Studies Branch in the statistics center’s ...

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I'm not surprized, are you?

Employees Pay 48% More for Company Health Plans The headline says it all.

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