Worth noting

Last week I got an e-mail from MITWorld listing a couple of videos of lectures by faculty members. I listened to one by Clyde Prestowitz titled The World Turned Upside Down: The Impact of the Return of
India and China to their Historical Global Weight
. He has published a book with the same title. If you liked Friedman’s  The World is Flat then this is up your alley. But Prestowitz’s metaphor is more extreme: the world is turning upside down. The degree of change coming is a tsunami and the result will be more like The Poseidon Adventure.

How do you keep from falling into the deep blue sea when the boat rolls? You innovate, innovate, innovate. So the other video noted at MITWorld is Innovation Through Design
by Timothy Brown. The design process is a new paradigm for creative work getting a lot of attention. Haven’t had time to listen to the video yet, but it may be worthwhile. And, in the same theme, BusinessWeek Online has started a new section called "Inside Innovation," and they have a kind of slide show featuring 25 champions of innovation.