Serrious Games go to Congress

The Federation of American Scientists (FAS) will
present the latest research-based uses of advanced digital technologies
for teaching, workforce training and lifelong learning. The
demonstration of three sophisticated games will be showcased as part of
House "Innovation Week." Three current games will be displayed for the
attendees. They include:
Immune Attack — an advanced educational video game that teaches human immunology for 9th grade – college level students.
Babylon – a cultural game that incorporates artifacts from exhibits at
the Walters Museum of Art in Baltimore, MD, and transports the player
to a virtual reality of ancient Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq).
Casualty Incident Responder – a high-stress, real-time training
simulation for firefighters to serve as a national model for
first-responder training.

All of this is well and good as long as it promotes the Federal
Government to begin considering these virtual spaces as legitimate
communities and adapt or adopt rules for economic activities there.