WordPress vs Joomla vs Drupal vs Plone

FIGHT! Okay that I would watch but instead I bring you a case study about how they all stack up.  Registration is required but of course you can use http://www.bugmenot.com/ for that!  ;- )

Looking for software that can help you build and manage a nonprofit
website?  In a major new report, Idealware takes a detailed look at
WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Plone to understand the similarities and
differences between these free and open source systems, as well as the
consultants who can help you implement them.

View the report now at www.idealware.org/comparing_os_cms (free
registration required)

WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Plone are all free and open source
systems that can help nonprofit build and manage websites – but how do
they compare? There are in fact substantial differences in flexibility
and features.  Our 60-page independent report provides an introduction
to the topic, an overview of the features that might be useful for
your organization, and a very detailed comparison of the four systems.

This report also includes our new directory of the consultants and
firms who help nonprofit create websites and implement these Content
Management Systems.


  1. Praise be to Allah for your posting this. I’ve needed to ‘specialize’ in a CMS for awhile, one that is geared towards small agile business, and hopefully this will help.

  2. Praise be to allah? How about praise be to the author?

  3. I read the report. I do not know why Plone instalation was recognized only as “fair”. Maybe for Linux it needs using few simple shell commands, but for Windows and Mac OS-X instalations is straightforward and very easy. Just click and go. After 2 minutes Plone is ready and working.

    Also “Ease of Setting up a Simple Site ” verdicted only as “solid” is too low. After instalation Plone, simple site is ready, up and running. And its default settings and available features covers most typical web sites.

  4. I’ll definitely read this CMS report when I get a chance to download it here on the Kenya’s Indian Ocean coast. Internet can be challenging once in a while with EDGE. 🙁
    What did they say about WordPress?? We’re having our Wasini Island tour website overhauled in a day or 2 using WP. Hopefully it will bring in more traffic for our dhow sailing, snorkeling, dolphin spotting and diving business.
    Anyhow, I’ve noticed a big improvement in WP since version 2.7 and their famous 5 minute install is still tough to beat.
    One day I hope to take plone for a spin. I’ve always been a big fan of Python and what it stands for.


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